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Bet you didn’t know this about your teeth!


At Longmeadow, we believe your teeth are truly amazing! Don’t believe us?  Just check out these fun facts:

  1. Although the most common malady in the country may be the common cold, do you know what the second most common is? It’s tooth decay. So make sure you brush everyday!
  2. On average, we spend over 38 days brushing our teeth throughout the course of our lives.
  3. George Washington did not actually have wooden dentures. They were really made from ivory, metals, and animal teeth.
  4. Did you know that women smile on average 62 times per day while men only show their pearly whites about eight times each day.
  5. Most dentists recommend brushing your teeth for two minutes but on average most of us just spend about 48 seconds each time!
  6. Did you know one of the hardest substances in the human body is tooth enamel?
  7. The plaque in our teeth is home to up to 300 different types of bacteria. Make sure you floss regularly!
  8. Another great reason to floss; if you don’t you are missing about 40 percent of the average tooth surface.
  9. A single can of soda can contain 12 teaspoons of sugar. Not a friend to your teeth!
  10. About three out of four Americans have some level of periodontal gum disease. Another great reason to make regular visits to your friends at Longmeadow.