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How Everyday Stress Affects our Dental Health

Despite all the technological advances of today’s modern world, it seems that people today deal with more stress than ever. Our ability to cope with that stress may become challenging and over time can start to impact our health. Our bodies were made to tolerate short bursts of stress, which ultimately facilitate our ability to […]

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Keep Kids Away From Soda

Sip soft drinks all day, and get decay. A strong link exists between soda consumption and tooth decay. Additionally, habitual soda consumption can lead to childhood obesity, diabetes, and behavioral problems. Acids and sugars both damage and soften tooth enamel, leaving it susceptible to tooth decay and even tooth loss. How Soda Attacks Your Child’s […]

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Avoid Treating Your Teeth Like Tools

The next time you’re tempted to rip a piece of tape with your teeth, or use your pearly whites to pry the lid off a bottle, think about the possible consequences of your actions. The more you use your teeth as tools for opening various objects, the greater the risk of causing permanent damage. In […]

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