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Keep Your Teeth Healthy While Traveling

If you are planning a trip, it is important to remember to look after your teeth while traveling. Often times passports, bathing suits and sunscreen are the first items packed. When traveling, however, it is important that you also pack items to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Apart from packing your toothbrush and toothpaste, what else should you remember about dental care and hygiene when traveling? Here are several tips for taking good care of your teeth while vacationing:

Take your dentist’s phone number with you.

You never know what accidents may arise while taking a trip. In case of a dental emergency, it is important to have your Longmeadow dentist’s phone number handy. Your dentist will be able to answer critical questions about your condition and direct you towards proper treatment.

Keep your toothbrush ventilated.

Make sure that your travel toothbrush container or cap is well ventilated. Enclosed containers or plastic bags cause bacteria to grow and can lead to dental infections. Additionally, the bacteria can cause infections in other places of your body. To avoid illness, keep your toothbrush in a well-ventilated container.

Take toothpaste when traveling.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that you will pick up some toothpaste at your destination. Especially if you are traveling to a foreign country, it may not be possible to buy a reputable and trustworthy brand of toothpaste. Be sure to also pack floss to avoid plaque build up.

Keep sugarless gum handy.

If you are traveling a long distance, especially by air, you might not have the opportunity to brush your teeth for a long period of time. Chewing gum reduces ear popping during plane rides and helps reduce the buildup of bacteria after eating. Also, sugarless chewing gum helps clean your teeth and freshens your breath.


Maintaining proper oral hygiene is probably not on the top of your list while vacationing. By following these simple guidelines, though, you can enjoy your trip cavity free! Getting a toothache can ruin anyone’s day, but it would be even more distressing if you were on vacation. If you have questions about looking after your teeth while traveling, make an appointment with your Longmeadow dentist today.