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Back to School Teeth-Friendly Lunch Ideas

Bring out the backpacks and sharpen those #2 pencils – its back to school time! Starting school can be a hectic time for many families. Sending kids to school with the right school supplies and textbooks is just as important as sending them to school with a tooth-friendly packed lunch. Providing children with a healthy, energizing lunch allows them to stay fueled for the entire day and keeps tooth decay away. With tooth decay ranking number one as the most common chronic childhood disease, we need to carefully choose what goes in our kid’s mouth. By packing some of the foods listed below, you can help your child fend off plaque, cavities, and gum disease this school year.

Best Foods for a Healthy Mouth Include:    

  • Protein – Sandwiches made with whole grain bread and lean proteins help teeth build enamel.
    • Chicken, turkey
  • Bacteria Fighters –Foods with hard surfaces cause you to chew more, which generates more saliva in your mouth. This lowers the number of bacteria in the mouth. Also, hard veggies can act like a toothbrush by massaging gums to eliminate bacteria.
    • Celery, carrots, apples, pears
  • CalciumFoods rich in calcium keep your teeth and jaw bone strong while protecting your mouth against tooth decay.
    • Low-fat milk, cheese, yogurt
  • Vitamin C – Foods high in Vitamin C keep your gums healthy by strengthening blood vessels and connective tissue. Additionally, some control the acidity levels in your mouth.
    • Oranges, red peppers, watermelon
  • Vitamin D – Foods packed with Vitamin D aid in the absorption of calcium and protein.
    • Tuna fish, hard-boiled eggs

Foods to Avoid Packing in a Lunch Include:

  • White bread
  • Sports drinks and soda
  • Gummy candies

By following these guidelines, your child can enjoy the school year with a confident and cavity free smile! From all of us at Longmeadow Family Dental, we wish our patients a wonderful school year full of growth and knowledge! For more information on how to pack a healthy lunch for your child, please call or make an appointment with your Longmeadow dentist today.