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The benefits of composite dental fillings

In the past, dentists would have to use metals as the material for dental fillings. While this was fine to an extent, it could possibly create an unnatural appearance in the tooth. This may not be ideal if the filling needs to be placed toward the front of your mouth.

What is a composite dental filling?
A filling is a material that will be placed to restore a decayed tooth. While there are many different kinds of dental fillings from which to choose, most people prefer to get tooth-colored composite fillings, because they are designed to match the shade of your tooth. This means that when you smile, no one will even know that you have a restored tooth!

Why consider a composite filling?

One great reason why many patients are interested in getting composite fillings is that they look natural. Tooth-colored fillings look just like your enamel, so you’ll have the confidence to smile away!

Composite fillings are also great for repairing chipped and broken teeth, not just cavities. If you have a damaged tooth, then ask your Hagerstown dentist about using these fillings.

Faster set
While some materials that are often used for fillings can take several days in order to fully harden, composite materials can harden much faster.

Composite dental fillings bond directly to your tooth, strengthening it from future damage. This helps prevent potential breaks and more chips in the future.

Less Drilling
To prepare for a composite filling, it’s possible that less of your natural tooth structure will need to be removed to prepare for the composite filling. Other materials require a little bit of the structure to be taken away.

Is a composite filling right for you?

It’s always a great idea to check with your Hagerstown dentists to let us help evaluate your dental health and give you the professional advice to keep your smile bright! Make your appointment now.