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Our glossary features any dental term you need to know, from A to Z. Still confused about something? Give us a call — we’re happy to help.

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  • Labial
    Pertaining to or around the lip. See facial.
  • Laminate Veneer
    A thin covering of the facial surface of a tooth usually constructed of tooth colored material used to restore discolored, damaged, misshapen or misaligned teeth.
  • Least Expensive Alternative Treatment (LEAT)
    A type of cost containment measure used by many third-party payers. Under a LEAT clause, when there are multiple treatment options for a specific condition, the plan will only pay for the least expensive treatment.
  • Lesion
    An injury or wound area of diseased tissue.
  • Liability
    An obligation to pay an amount in money, goods, or services to another party.
  • Limitation
    Restrictive conditions stated in a dental benefit contract, such as age, length of time covered, and waiting periods, which affect an individual's or group's coverage. The contract may also exclude certain benefits or services, or it may limit the extent or conditions under which certain(...)
  • Line Angle
    An angle formed by the junction of two planes; used to designate the junction of two surfaces of a tooth, or of two walls of a tooth cavity preparation.
  • Lingual
    Pertaining to or around the tongue surface of the tooth directed toward the tongue opposite of facial.
  • Local Anesthesia
    the elimination of sensation, especially pain, in one part of the body by the topical application or regional injection of a drug.
  • Locus
    A site or location.