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Options for Missing Teeth

Whatever the reason for missing teeth, the fact is it can present a variety of challenges. Of course, it may cause you to avoid smiling and lower self-esteem, but it can also limit or prevent you from eating some of the foods you love. Not to mention language formation… a gap between teeth can leave […]

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How to Deal with a Dental Emergency

Emergencies always seem to happen at the worst time. Dental emergencies are no exception. While many of us are familiar with what to do during a medical emergency, when it comes to dental emergencies, we may not know exactly what steps to take in the heat of the moment. Is it a Dental Emergency, or […]

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Why do winning athletes bite their medals?

You see it day in and day out now that the Olympics are in full swing. Everyone taking a chomp out of their medals. So it makes you wonder, “Why do the Olympians bite their medals during photo opportunities?” Are these athletes in need of some extra minerals in their diets? It’s probably because it’s […]

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