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Our glossary features any dental term you need to know, from A to Z. Still confused about something? Give us a call — we’re happy to help.

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  • Imaging, Diagnostic
    This would include, but is not limited to, CAT scans, MRIs, photographs, radiographs, etc.
  • Immediate Denture
    Prosthesis constructed for placement immediately after removal of remaining natural teeth.
  • Impacted Tooth
    An unerupted or partially erupted tooth that is positioned against another tooth, bone, or soft tissue so that complete eruption is unlikely.
  • Implant
    Material inserted or grafted into tissue.
  • Implantation, Tooth
    Placement of an artificial or natural tooth into an alveolus.
  • Inappropriate Fee Discounting Practices
    Intentionally engaging in practices which would force a dentist, who does not have a participating provider agreement, to accept discounted fees or be bound by the terms and conditions set forth in the participating provider contract. Some examples of inappropriate fee discounting practices(...)
  • Incentive Program
    A dental benefit program that pays an increasing share of the treatment cost, provided that the covered individual utilizes the benefits of the program during each incentive period (usually a year) and receives the treatment prescribed. For example, a 70%-30% copayment program in the first(...)
  • Incisal
    Pertaining to the biting edges of the incisor and cuspid teeth.
  • Incisal Angle
    One of the angles formed by the junction of the incisal and the mesial or distal surfaces of an anterior tooth called the mesioincisal and distoincisal angle respectfully.
  • Incision And Drainage
    The procedure of incising a fluctuant mucosal lesion to allow for the release of fluid from the lesion.
  • Incisor
    A tooth for cutting or gnawing located in the front of the mouth in both jaws.
  • Indemnity Plan
    A non-network dental plan that reimburses the member or dentist at a certain percentage of charges for services rendered, often after a deductible has been satisfied. Indemnity plans typically place no restrictions on which dentist a member may visit. Indemnity plans are also referred to as(...)
  • Indigent
    Those individuals whose income falls below the poverty line as defined by the federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB).
  • Indirect Pulp Cap
    Procedure in which the nearly exposed pulp is covered with a protective dressing to protect the pulp from additional injury and to promote healing and repair via formation of secondary dentin.
  • Indirect Restoration
    A restoration fabricated outside the mouth.
  • Individual Practice Association (IPA)
    A legal entity organized and governed by individual participating dentists for the primary purpose of collectively entering into contracts to provide dental services to enrolled populations.
  • Inhalation
    a technique of administration in which a gaseous or volatile agent is introduced into the lungs and whose primary effect is due to absorption through the gas/blood interface.
  • Inlay
    An intracoronal dental restoration, made outside the oral cavity to conform to the prepared cavity, which restores some of the occlusal surface of a tooth, but does not restore any cusp tips. It is retained by luting cement. (American College of Prosthodontics; The Glossary of Prosthodontic Terms)
  • Insured
    Person covered by the program. See beneficiary.
  • Insurer
    The party in an insurance contract that promises to pay a benefit if a specified loss occurs. Usually an insurance company