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Our glossary features any dental term you need to know, from A to Z. Still confused about something? Give us a call — we’re happy to help.

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  • Contract Fee Schedule Plan
    A dental benefit plan in which participating dentists agree to accept a list of specific fees for dental treatment provided.
  • Contract Practice
    A dental practice or organization that has a contractual arrangement with an insurer for the provision of services under an insurance contract.
  • Contract Term
    Usually a 12 months period of time for which a contract is written and during which a group's deductibles, maximums and other provisions apply. This may or may not be the same as a calendar year. Also known as the benefit year.
  • Contributory Program
    A dental benefit program in which the enrollee shares in the monthly premium of the program with the program sponsor (usually the employer). Generally done through payroll deduction.
  • Coordination Of Benefits (COB)
    A method of integrating benefits payable for the same patient under more than one plan. Benefits from all sources should not exceed 100% of the total charges.
  • Copayment
    Beneficiary's share of the dentist's fee after the benefit plan has paid.
  • Coping
    A thin covering of the coronal portion of the tooth usually without anatomic conformity. Custom made or pre-fabricated thimble-shaped core or base layer designed to fit over a natural tooth preparation, a post core, or implant abutment so as to act as a substructure onto which other components(...)
  • Core Buildup
    the replacement of a part or all of the crown of a tooth whose purpose is to provide a base for the retention of an indirectly fabricated crown.
  • Coronal
    Refers to the crown of a tooth.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
    Those services provided by dentists solely for the purpose of improving the appearance when form and function are satisfactory and no pathologic conditions exist [source: ADA policy "Cosmetic Dentistry (1976:850)].
  • Cost Containment
    Features of a dental benefit program or of the administration of the program designed to reduce or eliminate certain charges to the plan.
  • Cost Sharing
    The share of health expenses that a beneficiary must pay, including the deductibles, copayments, coinsurance, and charges over the amount reimbursed by the dental benefit plan.
  • Coverage
    Benefits available to an individual covered under a dental benefit plan.
  • Covered Charges
    Services and supplies which are reimbursed in whole or in part under the conditions of the dental benefit plan, subject to all the terms and conditions of the agreement or insurance policy. Charges are subject to any contractual agreements, exclusions and limitations. Any charges not covered(...)
  • Covered Person
    An individual who is eligible for benefits under a dental benefit program.
  • Covered Services
    Services for which payment is provided under the terms of the dental benefit contract.
  • Cracked Tooth Syndrome
    A collection of symptoms characterized by transient acute pain experienced when chewing.
  • Crown
    An artificial replacement that restores missing tooth structure by surrounding the remaining coronal tooth structure, or is placed on a dental implant. It is made of metal, ceramic or polymer materials or a combination of such materials. It is retained by luting cement or mechanical means.(...)
  • Crown Lengthening
    A surgical procedure exposing more tooth for restorative purposes by apically positioning the gingival margin and removing supporting bone.
  • Culture And Sensitivity Test
    Clinical laboratory test which identifies a microorganism and the ability of various antibiotics to control the microorganism.