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Our glossary features any dental term you need to know, from A to Z. Still confused about something? Give us a call — we’re happy to help.

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  • Bonding
    Process by which two or more components are made integral by mechanical and/or chemical adhesion at their interface
  • Bridge
  • Bruccal
    Pertaining to or toward the cheek (as in the buccal surface of a posterior tooth).
  • Bruxism
    The parafunctional grinding of the teeth.
  • Bundling Of Procedures
    The systematic combining of distinct dental procedure codes by third-party payers that results in a reduced benefit for the patient/beneficiary.
  • By Report
    A written description of the service provided that is prepared when the term "by report" is included in a procedure code nomenclature; may be requested by a third-party payer to provide additional information for claims processing.
  • Cafeteria Plan
    Employee benefit plan in which employees select their medical insurance coverage and other nontaxable fringe benefits from a list of options provided by the employer. Cafeteria plan participants may receive additional, taxable cash compensation if they select less expensive benefits.
  • Calculus
    Hard deposit of mineralized substance adhering to crowns and/or roots of teeth or prosthetic devices.
  • Canal
    A relatively narrow tubular passage or channel.
  • Cantilever Extension
    Part of a fixed prosthesis that extends beyond the abutment to which it is attached and has no additional support.
  • Capitation
    A capitation program is one in which a dentist or dentists contract with the programs' sponsor or administrator to provide all or most of the dental services covered under the program to subscribers in return for payment on a per-capita basis.
  • Caries
    Commonly used term for tooth decay.
  • Carious Lesion
    A cavity caused by caries.
  • Case Management
    The monitoring and coordination of treatment rendered to patients with specific diagnoses or requiring high cost or extensive services. May include complex treatment plans or discussion between multiple practitioners. A process of identifying patients with special health care needs, developing(...)
  • Cavity
    Missing tooth structure. A cavity may be due to decay, erosion or abrasion. If caused by caries; also referred to as carious lesion.
  • Cement Base
    Material used under a filling to replace lost tooth structure.
  • Cementum
    Hard connective tissue covering the outer surface of a tooth root.
  • Centers For Medicare And Medicaid Services (CMS)
    The federal agency responsible for administering the Medicare, Medicaid, State . Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), HIPAA, and the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) programs. CMS is part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
  • Cephalometric Image
    A standardized, extraoral projection utilized in the scientific study of the measurements of the head.
  • Claim
    A request for payment under a dental benefit plan; a statement listing services rendered, the dates of services, and itemization of costs. The completed request serves as the basis for payment of benefits.